Latest Rampion Newsletter

The latest Rampion Offshore Wind Farm Newsletter is here for your information. This issue gives an update on the construction works to date, including the fact the first wind turbines have now been installed.

Central Office Policy Update

The following rarely applies but just so that you are aware. We have received the following advice from Ramblers Central Office. "As part of our continuous improvement of policies and procedures we’ve started updating our policy on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults to reflect advice from our partner organisations . Now, everyone under 18 needs to be accompanied by a responsible adult, such as a parent, guardian, teacher or youth worker, when they participate in Ramblers walks and other activities."

Significant and Overwhelming Victory

In a remarkable display of people power the future of Eastbourne Council's Downland was secured today. As a result of a public poll in which residents voted 3-1 in favour of keeping the downland in public ownership, the decision has been taken to cancel the potential sell off of Council owned land. Congratulations must go to all those organisations and indviduals who worked so tirelessly to bring this most important campaign to a successful conclusion.

Don't Lose your Way

The Sussex DLYW team are doing a sterling job in uncovering lost footpaths in the middle of the County, but would like to see more suggestions coming from the far east and west. They are appealing for more people to get involved in these areas, your participation can be as light or as heavy as you like depending on your time and inclination. If you click on the campaigns tab at the top of the page you will find more information and a link to an article that appeared in 'Walk' magazine last year. If you are interested Chris Smith will be more than happy to provide more information on how you can help.

Update us

When people move house they 'usually' remember to inform organisations that they belong to that they have done so. However, when people change their e-mail addresses they often forget to pass this information on and consequently miss out on a lot of information that they should be receiving. If you are someone that has changed their e-mail address recently, for whatever reason, please update us by sending an e-mail to our membership secretary at

The Walking Partnership

As you will all know, Ramblers Worldwide Holidays operate group walking holidays in the UK and all around the world. If any of you go on a Ramblers holiday please nominate Ramblers Sussex Area for a donation, and Area will then receive a contribution of £10 per person on UK holidays, £20 per person on short haul holidays, and £30 per person on long haul holidays.